Why is Intel’s Corporate Affairs Group transitioning from K12 Teacher Professional Development as a focus area?

CAG has exceeded the original goals of the K12 education program that were established in 1999 and then expanded in 2006. Intel CAG has trained over 15 million teachers in over 80 countries on effective use of technology to improve student learning outcomes. Government and NGOs are now equipped to continue this worthwhile endeavor which allows Intel CAG to focus on youth empowerment.

We believe that technology is a force for positive social impact and has the power to be a great equalizer. We are currently experiencing a period of rapid technology change that is dramatically changing what skills youth will need in order to succeed in the future and may drive increased inequalities without collective action and investment.  Intel’s programs and partnerships are designed to directly respond to this challenge.

We are designing a movement to close the global youth skills gap - with a strategic focus on empowering underserved youth. We will be driving collaboration with others to inspire youth to harness the full power of technology to create the best future possible for everyone. The initiative includes four key components: (1) maker activities and experiences to inspire innovation, (2) future skills training to advance employability, (3) programs to empower college-ready and university students to solve challenges using Intel technology, and (4) programs to accelerate closure of technology gender gaps. 

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