Knowledge Base

  1. Connections 

    1. How do I follow someone in Engage?
    2. How can I use labels to group my friends and connections?
    3. How do I find other community members?
    4. What does following mean?
  2. Content Actions 

    1. How do I rate content?
    2. How do I share content with other community members?
    3. How do I delete content I've created?
    4. How do I translate content?
  3. Content Creation 

    1. How do I save and edit my content drafts?
    2. What is @Mention?
  4. Content Tagging 

    1. What are tags?
    2. What are categories?
    3. How do I search by tag?
  5. Content Types 

    1. What are discussions?
    2. What are documents?
    3. What are blog posts?
    4. What are polls?
    5. What are uploaded files?
  6. General 

    1. How can I get credit for Intel Teach online courses?
  7. Groups 

    1. Why would I join a group?
    2. How do I find groups?
  8. Intel® Teach Elements 

    1. Where can I find information and statistics about the success of Intel's education programs?
    2. What are Intel® Teach Elements courses?
    3. What resources are there to help explain or recruit for Intel® Teach Elements Courses?
    4. How long are Elements courses?
    5. What do I need to teach an Elements course?
  9. Mail 

    1. How do I view my Inbox?
    2. What kinds of messages might show up in my inbox?
    3. Will I see community announcements in my Inbox?
    4. What notifications will I receive in my Inbox?
  10. Missions, Points, and Badges 

    1. What are missions?
    2. How do I earn points?
    3. How do I access my missions and badges?
    4. What are missions?
    5. What is Me in 3?
  11. My Account 

    1. What sites can I access with my Login ID?
    2. The Login ID and/or Password Recovery Doesn't Work
    3. My Account is Locked!
    4. If I change my password in the Engage community, will it change for my Teaching Tools account?
    5. Can I delete my Intel Teachers Engage account?
  12. Resources 

    1. Can I host or link Intel resources on my website, wiki, etc.?
    2. Do you have STEM resources?
    3. Does Intel have education resources for K-12 classroom teachers?
    4. Do you have resources for digital literacy?
    5. The Journey Inside Hands-On Kit
  13. Search 

    1. How do I browse the entire community?
    2. How do I search the Engage community?
    3. How do I find archived webinars?
    4. How do I search for projects in the Idea Showcase?
  14. Technical 

    1. Why is the Engage site sometimes unavailable?
    2. What time zone is the community?
    3. What are the System Requirements for Intel Education Materials?
  15. Your Content 

    1. Where can I view my content?
    2. What are status updates?
    3. How do I edit activity streams?
    4. What is the Connections Stream?
    5. How do I view my activity streams?
  16. Your Profile 

    1. How do I view my profile?
    2. How do I change my avatar?
    3. How do I view my preferences?
    4. How do I change my email notification settings?
    5. How do I view my ranking?
  17. All articles 

    1. What sites can I access with my Login ID?
    2. Is the Intel® Teachers Engage community just for the United States?
    3. Can I host or link Intel resources on my website, wiki, etc.?
    4. How do I rate content?
    5. Why would I join a group?

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